Resources for Fundraisers on our April 8th Webinar

Some resources courtesy of The Donor Motivation Program

Our group fellow DMPers across the country have put together a wonderful list of resources in consultation.

  1. CanadaHelps 2020 Giving Report…with a link to the the press release which speaks to some of the specific number regarding giving since the pandemic was announced:
  2. An article from the President of CanadaHelps wrote for Future of Good yesterday:
  3. Malcolm Burrows has a great blog post focusing on the demand for Will updates:
  4. Discussing the spike in gifts over the last few weeks, we again do don’t have any definitive data on that as yet. What we do know is that many organizations are offering giving options and dividing them into 2 categories like  “Community Support” and “Health Care Funding”. CanadaHelps created this page:
  5. On March 18th 2020 – The Globe & Mail released the article entitled: “Do you have a financial contingency plan? Worried Canadians updating wills amid coronavirus pandemic”
  6.  April 8th – All about Estates Blog – info on the Ontario law change to allow “virtual” witnessing.


Does your Org not think you should be fundraising?

Here’s a quick email from a client.  People want to help – they are reaching out to myself and other advisors asking how they can do this.  

Want to give something to your Donors?

As we discussed, hearing the stories of other donors is crucial right now more than ever.  When I wrote Driven by Purpose it was intended to gently push donors to making a Planned Gift by telling the stories of others.  If you would like to evaluate the book, use the code BESAFE, to receive a 25% discount on a hardcopy ordered through

This offer will expire April 30th.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounts on ebooks, but it is available on Apple Books, Kindle and Kobo as an E-Book as well. 

More to Come...

We’ll keep updating this space as we find more resources to share with you…stay tuned!